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Please share this information with members of your organizations. If your organization would like to have an exhibit, please contact Rick Lobello,, 915-474-1456.

Discover the Bosque – Last Chance Before the Wall! FREE Family Fun!

Saturday 15 Nov, 11 AM to 3 PM. Walks through the park to the sight of the Border Wall will start every hour on the half hour (11:30, 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30). Many local organizations will have exhibits about the local flora and fauna.

Visit El Paso’s Rio Bosque Wetlands Park,, and see the city’s largest park before the Border Wall changes it forever. This is a national issue with a huge impact on our local echo-systems – see history in the making.

John Sproul, Program Coordinator/Manager of the Rio Bosque Wetlands Park wrote comments regarding the Impact of the Border Fence on Rio Bosque Park that were published in Newspaper Tree in April 2008. Sproul said, “At Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, our management goal is to re-establish over time approximate examples of native plant and animal communities historically found in the river valley. The proposed fence would compromise our ability to achieve that goal.” ( ) “At the Park, the visual impact of the fence will be immediate and obvious. The ecological impact will be gradual and more subtle, but no less real. For many animals, the fence will be a barrier to movement between the Rio Grande and the Park and a barrier to genetic exchange. Over time, the fence will affect what species get established at Rio Bosque and, for some species, the long-term health and viability of the populations present. Visit the border-fence page on our website to learn the current status ( .”

If you can help with planning or during this event, please contact judy Ackerman, 915-755-7371, Cell: 703-622-0661, . Please share this information with all your friends.

Directions from I-10: Take the Americas Ave. (Loop 375) exit (Exit 34) and head southwest towards the Zaragoza Bridge. Enter the freeway portion of Loop 375 and take it to the exit for Alameda Ave., Socorro Rd., Pan American Dr. and Zaragoza Rd. Exit to the frontage road and continue straight ahead, crossing both Alameda Ave. and Socorro Rd. At Pan American Dr., turn left. After driving approximately 1.1 mile on Pan American, you’ll cross a bridge over the Playa Drain. At 1.5 miles, you’ll reach a second bridge, which crosses the Riverside Canal right before the gated entrance to the Jonathan Rogers and Roberto Bustamante water-treatment plants. Proceed about 2.5 miles to the Visitor Center. For a map,

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