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April 21, 2018

6th Annual Earth Day Flotilla

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2018 Cypress Basin Officers

2018 Cypress Basin Officers

2018 Cypress Basin Officers
L-R: Charles Gillis, Treasurer; Becky Gullette, President; Kristy Thomas, Secretary; Susan Sedberry, Vice-president

2017 Cypress Basin Awards

Annual Recertifications:

Ellen Anderson, Floyd Anderson, Pam Andrews, Stella Barrow, Ted Barrow, Roger Geiger, David Gilliland, Vicki Gilliland, Charles Gillis, Herman Hazard, Sandra Hooker, Mickie Moore, Nancy Rheay, Linda Richtsmeier, Susan Sedberry, Steve Sedberry, Sue Simmons, Angela Simpson, Kristi Thomas, Carl Turner, Diane Turner, Pam Watts, Phyllis Wilson, Jill Wright, Pete Wright

New Class Certifications:

Robert Avrett, Kim Delony, Lisa Egner, Kay Lowery, Diann Mabus, Karen Tromza, Tammi White


  • 250 Hours – David Gilliland, Pam Watts , Jill Wright
  • 500 Hours – Becky Gullette, Susan Sedberry, Karen Williams, Phyllis Wilson
  • 1000 Hours – Linda Richtsmeier

Now accepting applications for the 2018 Master Naturalist Training Class

The next training class for Cypress Basin Master Naturalist begins January 26, 2018.  Applications are now being accepted until December 31, 2017.  For more information click the Training tab above.

What is a Master Naturalist?

Someone who’s NOT afraid of digging in the dirt and slogging through the mud while giving back to the community. Volunteers with the interest and desire to give back to their community and willingness to attend the training. Volunteers must complete a training course on the area’s natural features and the impact that people have on nature. The course includes presentations by biologists, geologists, naturalists, and others from local, state, and federal agencies and universities. You must complete a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer service and 8 hours of advanced training during the first 12 months following your completion of the course (to be completed before your course’s graduation anniversary date).

Come join the fun.

Congratulations 2017 Master Naturalist Training Class

Photo of the 2017 class, taken with Justin Kendall and Daniel Duncan, our presenters on forest ecology and management, and Becky Gullette. L-R Becky Gullette, Mike Woodruff, Lisa Egner, Rayla and Todd Dickinson, Justin Kendall, Karen Tromza, Pam Adams, Diann Mabus, Daniel Duncan, Kay Lowery, Tammi White, Lin Rhys Ledbetter. Missing from the photo: Kim Delony, Jane Reynolds, Robert Avrett, Brett Bogue. Congratulations to our newest class members!


2017 Earth Day Flotilla


The Mission: To develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide
education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management
of natural resources and natural areas within their communities for the
State of Texas.

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