Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where are the Chapter Meeting:

The chapter meets on the fourth Thursday of the month:

— the Tyler Nature Center located at 11942 FM 848, Tyler, Texas.  The meeting begins at 6:45pm with a presentation by that month’s guest speaker. Of course what would a meeting be without refreshments, so this occurs after our Speaker has finished and before we begin the business side of the chapter meeting. We invite you to come hear some great information from some of the best people in the nature business and enjoy the eats too! Plus, at our meeting you can get 1 hour of Advance Training :).

Always check the web site for any changes of meeting times, places, or dates.    The December meeting is the annual meeting/Election and Chapter holiday party.

The Chapter also has three Chapter Activity Days (CAD) scheduled (see calendar).  Guest Speakers provide three hours of approved advanced training with a chapter class volunteer project conducted after lunch. Please visit the website for additional information as the date gets closer.

How do I report my volunteer and/or advanced training hours?
Use the Activity Form to report your hours. If you fill it out on the web or download the file and fill it out on your computer; attached it to an e-mail to the Database Manager at  You may also fill in the report and it in at the monthly meetings. (we will have the forms available at the meetings) Our goal is to make this work for you so that you may get credit and recognition for your volunteer and advanced training time.,

How often can I report my hours?
It is best to report your hours on a regular basis (at least monthly) so that our tracking of hours is the most accurate. Unfortunately, hours reported after three months will not be counted toward your certification or award pins. We are doing what we can to make it easier for you to report your hours, please do everything you can to get your hours in on a timely basis so they may be counted.

What if I have an idea or proposal for a volunteer opportunity?   What do I do?
If you come up with a project on your own that you’d like to do, or find out about one you’d like to get approved, you will need to fill out a volunteer request form   Each activity must be approved for you to receive credit for that time as a Master Naturalist. E-mail your form to . Once an item is approved it will be placed on the approved list of activities, and that information will also be posted on the web site under Volunteer Opportunities/calendar.

What are the different membership levels and their requirements?

Master Naturalist in Training  =  member that is working to complete their 40 hours of classroom training.

Master Naturalist = A member that has completed their training, & paid their dues by March 31st, and cannot fulfill the required hours for certification.

Certified Master Naturalist = Paid their dues, and a member that has completed the training and the required 40 volunteer hours and 8 advanced training hours.  This also included members who have certified one year and are working toward certification in subsequent years.


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