Footbridge Removal at MDJSP

A group of volunteers had an easier than expected time removing worn out footbridges at Martin Dies, Jr. State Park on January 8. Park staff brought in a tractor and Garry Lamoreaux brought his, too! The hardest work was attaching the large pieces to the tractors and the drivers backing them out of the winding trails.

Sharon and Linda Dig

Sharon and Linda Dig

There was a little bit of hand work that could be done, though. We managed to dig out some posts, rake where the tractors left little trenches from hauling, cut some shrubs out of the trail and carry pieces to piles. Everyone had a great time.

The footbridges were getting a little creaky and weak in places, so rather than going to the expense to replace them periodically in the future, small culverts will be installed in low places along the trails.

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