Instructions for MDJSP Volunteers

  1. Go to the TPWD Volunteer page.
  2. Click on ‘LOGIN’
  3. On the log in screen, enter your Master Naturalist name and password (the same one you use to report service hours).
  4. The next screen displayed will be the Volunteer Dashboard with several options to choose from.
  5. Click on ‘Find Opportunities’
  6. A screen will appear with the Texas state map, click on the ‘Pineywoods’ portion of the map.
  7. A list of opportunities will be displayed.  Page down the list until you find the ones for MDJSP (there are several – make sure you keep scrolling down. Nature Center may be the only category with opportunities actually listed).
  8. Click on the opportunity that you wish to sign up for (Special Events, Nature Center, Park Host).
  9. When the opportunity is displayed, click on ‘Schedule’.
  10. Page through the schedule until you find the date that you want.
  11. Once you find the date, click on it and a thank you screen will appear.
  12. From that screen you can return to sign up for another date or return to the Volunteer Dashboard or LOGOUT.
  13. Once approved for the date and opportunity, you will receive an email confirmation.

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