Some events may require pre-registration. Please check with the event organizer beforehand.

Event Series EG – Tree Nursery

EG – Tree Nursery

Exploration Green Tree and Wetland Nursery 2007 Seakale Ln, Houston, Texas

We are resuming regularly scheduled work days at the Exploration Green tree nursery on the second and last Saturday of the month.  Summer hours are 8 AM to 11 AM, or sometimes we end earlier depending on how hot it gets and the activity.  Note sometimes the work is out in the natural spaces of... Read More →

Event Series EG – Wetlands Stewardship

EG – Wetlands Stewardship

Exploration Green Tree and Wetland Nursery 2007 Seakale Ln, Houston, Texas

These events were started with a grant from NOAA Planet Stewards to encourage active environmental stewardship of our natural places and to protect water quality. These days vary in activity by season, from trash cleanup to planting and invasive plant species removal to keep our natural environment native. Please contact Christine Taylor at (979) 399-4009... Read More →

Buffalo Bayou – Butterfly Walk

Jackson Hill Bridge Buffalo Bayou Park Houston, Texas

Buffalo Bayou Partnership is in need of hike leaders for the Butterfly Walk Saturday July 20th at 9 AM.  . Please email Irmi if you intend to participate. . Please record your time as Buffalo Bayou - Instruct others. . Be sure to include service performed, location and sponsoring entity when recording your time in VMS.... Read More →

GCMN – Trails and Wildscapes at HANC

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center 4501 Woodway Dr, Houston, TX

The Arboretum has recently upgraded their accessible trails.  They will be in constant need of maintenance.  The Arboretum will provide all the necessary tools. This is a GCMN volunteer project. Bring a water bottle, a snack if you like and wear your Master Naturalist name tag. Each month you'll have to sign a waiver and... Read More →

Event Series Kleb Woods – Workday

Kleb Woods – Workday

Kleb Woods Nature Center 20303 Draper Rd, Tomball, TX

Assist the volunteer work crew with the weekly activities, butterfly and hummingbird gardens. Occasional tree/shrub grow-out and planting. Check the link below for more information:

Mercer – Native and Endangered Species Gardening

Mercer Botanic Gardens 22306 Aldine Westfield Road, Humble, TX

Mercer is a great place to volunteer! Whether you love gardening, or want to learn more about horticulture and botany, we have a spot for you. Keep in mind that Mercer has native and non-native gardens.  Your time is recordable only when working with native species.  You'll record your time as Mercer - Trails and... Read More →

CPC – Indiangrass Preserve

Coastal Prairie Conservancy - Indiangrass Preserve 31975 Hebert Road, Waller, TX

Help us care for the Katy Prairie! Every Tuesday and Friday on the Indiangrass Preserve, volunteer stewards participate in activities critical to the success of our restoration and public access programs. Volunteers maintain the Ann Hamilton Trail, grow out native species in our Coastal Prairie Native Seed Nursery, plant native wildflowers and grasses, remove invasive... Read More →

Event Series Mercer – Blossom Brigade

Mercer – Blossom Brigade

Mercer Botanic Gardens 22306 Aldine Westfield Road, Humble, TX

Mercer is starting our Blossom Brigade on Wednesdays. Come work with Mercer's Colleen and Rebecca from 9 am to 11 am in the Pollinator Garden and areas around the bee hives.We are looking forward to working with our volunteers and getting our hands dirty. Hope to see your smiling faces soon, Colleen Powell Mercer Volunteer... Read More →