Come join us in fun outreach events this Spring:



Contact Cassie Moore if you would like to help out at any of these events or if you have any questions. See below 20 events we did in 2019 and the 17 events we did in 2018.


2019 Outreach Event Listing

Event Number of Booth Visitors People Manning the Booth
Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center NatureFest 2019 63 Margaret Zoch, Virginia Livingston, Bob Romero
Texas Wildlife & Woodland EduExpo 662 TJ Butler, Irmi Wilcockson, Jim Kennedy
STEM Conference for girls in grades 3-12 55 Irmi Wilcockson
Scout Fair at NRG Arena 351 TJ Butler, Jim Kennedy, John Eagan
Willow Waterhole 2019 Music Fest 103 Virginia Livingston
Earth Day Houston at Discovery Green 98 Adrian Medellin, Sarah Wiesbrock, Melinda Kinkaid
6th annual UH Sustainability Fest 60 Bob Romero
Jefferson ES STEAM Night (Kindergarten-5th Grade and families) 40 Bob Romero, Irmi Wilcockson, Frances Weston
Earth Day 2019 at the Houston Arboretum 306 TJ Butler, Bob Romero, Scott Lorimor
Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve Nature4Health Day 197 TJ Butler, Scott Lorimor, Kathleen Dixon, Carol Oeller, Jane Wood
Earth Day Event at Exploration Green 60 Irmi Wilcockson
City of Houston 2019 Water Works Festival 131 Bob Romero, Irmi Wilcokson
4th Annual Spring Outdoor Celebration in Mont Belvieu 143 Irmi Wilcockson, Rebecca Lloyd
White Oak Bayou Association Fish-Off 25 Bob Romero, Frances Weston
Schlumberger – Heath Safety & Environment Day 2019 35 Bob Romero, TJ Butler, Irmi Wilcockson
Creation Care Fest/Environmental Extravaganza 26 Virginia Livingston, Irmi Wilcockson
Native Plant Society of Texas Houston Chapter Wildscapes Workshop 17 Bob Romero
TPWD Community Outdoor Outreach Program at MacLean Park 40 TJ Butler
Baytown Nurture Nature Festival 132 Rebecca LLoyd
Nature Fest event at Seabourne Creek Nature Park 640 TJ Butler, Bob Romero, Alyssa Conn


                                2018 Outreach Event Listing

Event Number of Booth Visitors People Manning the Booth
ArrbOOretum 300 TJ Butler, Annie Benzon
Baytown Nurture Nature Festival 0 Emily Blumentritt, Rebecca Thorton
Conservation Station 33 Bob Romero
Exploration Green Grand Opening 86 Rebecca Thornton
Fall Home and Garden Show at NRG 138 Jim Kennedy, Patti Thompson, Charlona Ingram, Irmi Wilcockson
Girl Scout Event at Sienna Plantation 68 TJ Butler, Bob Romero
Honey Expo 368 Michael Eckenfels, Joy Mullett, Irmi Willcockson, Becca Phillips, Bob Romero
Houston Public Works 25th Waterworks Festival 125 Bob Romero
Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center NatureFest 150 Virginia Livingston, Michelle Broussard,Margaret Zoch
Spring Outdoor Celebration in Mont Belvieu City Park 88 Margaret Zoch, Andrew Coulter
Paddle n Pedal Fest -Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve 105 Bob Romero, Irmi Wilcockson
Schlumberger HSE Day & World Environment Day 25 Bob Romero, TJ Butler
Seabourne Nature Fest 500 TJ Butler, Virginia Livingston
Shafer Elementary School Demo 130 TJ Butler
Summer Home and Garden Show at NRG 234 Cassie Moore, Patti Thompson, JohnFlickinger, Becca Phillips, Irmi Wilcockson, Joy Mullett, TJ Butler
Texas Wildlife and Woodland expo & Spring Fling 130 Ellen Combs, Margaret Zoch, Virginia Livingston
Willow Waterhole Music Fest 113 Virginia Livingston, Charlona Ingram, Dawn Asher, Debra Ewing, Elisa Donovan
Total 2,593 22


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