Master Naturalists Focus on Ecosystems, Education, Volunteerism

Have you ever wondered what’s in your backyard that you can’t see?  What floats below the water in Lake Livingston?  Why grass grows and your plants don’t?  Then perhaps, the Texas Master Naturalists the group for you.

Piney Wood Lakes Texas Master Naturalist, drawing members from Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity and Tyler Counties is always looking for ecology and conservation minded new members.

If you have what it takes, like playing in the mud, hanging out with other naturalists, and a willingness to keep learning and share what you learn, email for more information.


Who We Are

PINEY WOOD LAKES CHAPTER  serves Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity and Tyler counties. Members train and volunteer for community opportunities gain education, manage and enhance the area’s natural resources.

The Chapter has a variety of group or individual service projects for EDUCATION, NATURAL RESOURCE ASSISTANCE & MAINTENANCE AND TRAINING!

Chapter information at,  email   or call 936-327-8394


15 Responses to Master Naturalists Focus on Ecosystems, Education, Volunteerism

  1. Susan Tullos says:

    Contact Susan Tullos directly for any further questions:

  2. John Simpson says:

    Is there any chance a senior citizen might “audit” your gatherings?

    • diderich says:

      Of course you can. Visitors are always welcome. We keep the calendar of events public on this website. The member area is restricted to members and contains training, financial reports, and member contact information.

  3. Amanda Sutters says:

    I’m interested in joining a group in Trinity County. Please provide details as to when I can start. Thank you
    Amanda Sutters

    • diderich says:

      Trinity County is included in our group. We meet at the Livingston Chamber of Commerce at 2 PM on the first Thursday of each month. There are other activities, including some on weekends as shown in the calendar on this website. We would welcome you to come and meet us.

  4. Joyce Trojan says:

    I would like more info on meetings/upcoming classes. Thank you

  5. Steve pauley says:

    Would like to join but have been unable to get a response. Can you help?

  6. Jay and Pam Gilchrist says:

    Does your training lead to Master Naturalist status? When does training begin and what are the upcoming dates?

  7. martin schaffranek says:

    When/where is the next meeting.

    • diderich says:

      The meetings are shown in the “upcoming events” on the home page of this site. They are on the second Thursday of even numbered months at 11:30 AM at the Polk County Chamber of Commerce (59 N feeder south of the hospital).

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