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From Marney Mason:
OK! It’s that time again. USGS and the Corps of Engineers have gotten additional funding to continue the “Mid-winter Eagle Count”.
Kathleen has left Lake Livingston. She has asked Janie and me to take over the responsibility.
Since you have all helped in the past I am asking who can make it again this year? 
The next annual Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey will be held from Wed, 4 January 2017 to Wed, 18 January 2017, with target dates of 13 and 14 January 2017. 
If you are willing to help again and are able, please let me know. Reply to this e-mail, or give me a call at 409-750-5392.
Once again, we are going to count eagles hopefully on the 13th or 14th of Jan. Please join us.


Centennial Park Long Leaf Pine Planting

Water Willow Slide Presentation


Onalaska Caney Creek Park Project

Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs Winter 2014 Newsletter

Congratulations to the Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoir for being named the only Texas project in the nationwide “Waters to Watch” program!!!   See link.  Click on link in the memo item  4 to get specifics for the Lake Livingston Project.

Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs Summer 2015 Newsletter

Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs Winter 2015

Slide show of walk through Watson Preserve in November 2015


Black Bear Presentations

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