TMNTuesdays for February

Learn about the inspiration to this year’s 25th Anniversary Annual Certification Pin.  Click this link below for information: This is one of the few webinars that can be watched... Read More →

Comanche Springs Pollinator Garden/Water Testing

Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus FM 654, Crowell, United States

Join members at Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus for work on their pollinator garden and to do water testing.  Meet at the maintenance bard at 8:30.  Please let Lynn know that... Read More →

Great Backyard Bird Count

Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count.  Join the Chapter at a scheduled event or participate on your own.  If you do your own count, you will need an eBird... Read More →

Home & Garden Show/MPEC

Home and Garden Show at MPEC. Sign up to help man the Chapter's booth during the show. A ticket is required to enter. You can choose any two hour slot... Read More →

Living in Harmony with America’s Song Dog

Coyotes are highly resilient creatures able to adapt to threats and acclimate themselves in almost every environment, including cities and suburbs. As a keystone carnivore, coyotes play a critical role... Read More →


Indian Trails TMN chapter meeting - Program by Sam Kieschnick.  Why do people hate wasps? Lots of critters bite or sting, but wasps rank among the top of ‘least liked insects.’... Read More →