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Thank you for joining us at the 20th Texas Master Naturalist Program Annual Meeting!

This year’s event took place in Rockwall, Texas, ran from Friday, October 18th through Sunday, October 20th. The event was hosted at the Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront Hotel on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard just east of Dallas. Each year’s Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for Texas Master Naturalist volunteers from around the state to gather, participate in hands-on educational seminars, and receive all of their Advanced Training requirements for the year within one weekend. It’s also an opportunity for program participants and supporters to network, share new ideas/projects, and to learn from different chapters from different regions of the state. This year’s meeting also included day trips and training workshops to many local, state and even national refuges/parks, many of which focused on the diversity of geography, flora, fauna and history this unique area of Texas.


Presentations from the 2019 Annual Meeting


Hands-On Activities for Booths and Presentations
Help Pollinators and Ourselves
Native Bees for your Garden – please email Mary Pearl for a PDF or PowerPoint of the presentation.

Actions Beyond Light Pollution Awareness PDF Condensed

Night Sky Educational Trunk PDF Condensed

Introduction to Forest Ecology PDF

Intro to Dendrology and Tree Identification PDF

VMS Reporting PDF

A Call for Action TPWD Ambassador Program

Snakes of Texas Condensed


Ecology of Darkness, Dark Skies and Why They Matter

Partners Coming Together

2019 eCoordinator – Admin 201

2019 VMS Roundtable

A guide to guiding

Human Benefits of Nature

Improving and Expanding the Chapter Initial Training Experience PDF

2019 Aquatic Vegetation -Compressed

Wanted Citizen Scientists for Invasives Survey of Aquarium Stores


The Cedars (but really they’re Junipers) of Texas – compressed

Theres an App For That_Part1 & Theres an App For That_Part2


CameraTrapping_THomayoun_RHeilbrun_Part1 & CameraTrapping_THomayoun_RHeilbrun_Part2

HANDOUTS:Camera Trapping Basics 6.2019 GoogleMapsPoint_6.13.19 Massasauga_volunteer_flier

How Girdling Works

Interpretive Trail Guiding

Tools to Teach the Identification of Common Trees – please email Mary Pearl for the ZIP file of all class documents.

HANDOUT: Frankie the Free-tailed Bat (Book)

Tigers in Texas PDF

The Black & White of Zebra Mussels – please email Mary Pearl for a PDF or PowerPoint of the presentation.

Livers of the Rivers PDF Condensed

News From the Front Monarchs PDF

Monarch Waystations for North Texas – please email Mary Pearl for a PDF or PowerPoint of the presentation.

Emerald Ash Borer PDF Condensed

Invasion of the Applesnails PDF Condensed

Managing Stormwater within your Landscaping System – please email Mary Pearl for a PDF or PowerPoint of the presentation.

My Little Chickadee: The Coolest Little Bird Ya Ever Did See – please email Mary Pearl for the ZIP file of all class documents.

Introduction to Entomology PDF

Bird City Texas

What is that in my Water – Macroinvertebrates PDF

Who Scat That? – please email Mary Pearl for a PDF of the presentation.


Air Potato Patrol
Enhancing Night Hikes with Technology B

HANDOUT: Ultraviolet Light Discovery in Nature

City Nature Challenge

Chirp Chirp – TMN Conf Handout – please email Mary Pearl for a ZIP file of the other slides and handouts for this session.

How iNaturalist Guides Policy

BatChat Presentation Condensed

Painted Buntings at LLELA

American Bumblebee & 2020 Pin Announcement

Welcome to Chapter Statistics PDF

 Lodging information for the 2019 Annual MeetingRegister here for the 2019 Annual MeetingMore information about the 2019 Annual Meeting agendaMore information about sponsorship requests for the 2019 annual meetingMore information about vendor booth requests for the Annual MeetingMore information about Rockwall, TexasMore information about the silent auction at the Annual MeetingMore information about 2019 Annual Meeting contests and awardsFrequently asked questions about the annual meeting, registration, and more    More information about Texas Waters Day, which will host events at the Annual Meeting

Link to more information about the TMN Endowment Sunset Cruise




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