About Us


The Bois d’ Arc Chapter received their charter in 2012, graduating 23 certified members. The chapter has been active since they began and are continually looking for ways to educate the general public and improve the native areas located in Fannin County. Many members participate in identifying, counting, and reporting of local flora and fauna for Texas Parks and Wildlife and other scientific organizations. The information provided by members is used by scientist to monitor the health of our environment.

Ongoing projects:

  • Planting court house flower beds with native plants
  • National Fossil Day, in Oct.
  • 2nd Grade Nature Day in Spring
  • Agrilife science day in May
  • Frog and Mussel Count at Bonham State Park ongoing
  • Hummingbird Round up ongoing
  • Project Feeder Watch ongoing


Aldo Leopold wrote in his 1933 textbook titled “Game Management”:
“Habitat Management: The central thesis of game management is this: game can be restored by the creative use of the same tools which have heretofore destroyed it – ax, plow, cow, fire, and gun…; Management is their purposeful and continuing alignment. “

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