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  1. James L Duron says:

    My name is Jim Duron and I am the membership lead for the Galveston Bay Area Chapter of the TMN. We are starting to implement the VMS system for our chapter and would like to talk to the implementer for the Guadalupe Chapter. My understanding is that the point of contact for this effort is Pat Bowen. I could not find an email or a telephone address for the named individual. Could Pat please contact me at my email address(above) or on my cell 832-228-7036 I just want to ask several questions on how the transition is going(went) and some of the issues to be careful about.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Jim Duron
    jGBAC Membership

  2. Bruce Siebert says:

    Mr. Duron,

    We are trying to fill our 2017 Training Class, and are looking for candidates to contact. Lost Pines Chapter includes Bastrop and Caldwell Counties. Although we have projects and program in both counties, we tend to use the City of Bastrop area for our training class venues.
    Would you happen to have any overflow candidates who might be interested in applying and joining our chapter?

    Warm Holiday Greetings,

    Bruce Siebert, Resource Development
    2017 Training Class Committee
    210 240 3572

  3. Allison Copony says:

    Every state offers a variety of specialty license plates to registered vehicle owners. Many specialty plates, like plates for charities and other organizations, can help raise money for special causes or groups. Texas is no exception. Approximately two years ago, a statewide campaign resulted in raising the $8,000 deposit needed to begin the process for Texas Master Naturalists to have their very own specialty plate. Many individual Texas Master Naturalists and several Chapters donated money to this cause.
    Recently, I received an email from TPWD representative Richard Heilbrun and learned that October 2019 is the tentative launch date of the TMN license plate. The Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, as a TMN cosponsor and State agency, has agreed to sponsor the plate, so they will submit the originating paperwork. The artwork has been narrowed down to three finalists, and the Statewide TMN program would like to allow Master Naturalists to vote on their favorite, which would decide final selection. The text on the bottom will read:
    “Master Naturalists” and combined with the “TEXAS” that comes on the top of every plate, this will nicely identify the program and meets with all the feedback about people’s desired phrasing. In February, you will be given the opportunity to vote in an online survey on the soon-to-be released designs during a two-week window. Please stay-tuned for information on how to vote!

    Thank you.
    Allison Copony
    TMN/Heartwood Chapter

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