Advanced Training

  • The purpose of the eight hours Advanced Training (AT) requirement is to provide Texas Master Naturalists an opportunity to focus their interests on one, or a few, specific topics that interest them and to provide them with the tools to work in a more advance volunteer effort.
  • Advanced training can be accepted from workshops, seminars, online training, speakers, conferences, and college courses if the training material meets the AT guidelines, the program guidelines and the mission of the Texas Master Naturalist Program. Advanced training courses may be made available directly through the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, or any number of short-courses provided by universities or nature centers.
  • The Advanced Training Coordinator should pre-approve all advanced training opportunities before the volunteer attends.
  • With the exception of college courses, advanced training hours are counted one hour for each hour of advanced training.
  • Travel time is not included., Article V.

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