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Chapter Meeting
Greetings fellow master naturalists,

Regular monthly meeting of the Trans-Pecos Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists will be Thursday, September 2, 2010. The meeting will be at the Texas State Building on Franklin St. The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. Please make arrangements to attend. Thanks

July Chapter Meeting Minutes
Trans-Pecos Chapter Minutes of Thursday, July 1, 2010

I. Call to Order, 6:011 P.M. – Bill Hoover, President Members present: Bill Hoover, Cille D’Ascenzo, John D’Ascenzo, Judy Ackerman, David Carlisle, Ed Dominguez, Pat Rios; Guests: Marisol Lopez, Angel Flores

II. Special Business – There was no Special Business on the 6/3/10 agenda.

III. Ongoing Business
A. Review of previous meeting’s minutes: A motion was made by John D’Ascenzo and seconded by Bill Hoover to approve the minutes of 6/3/10 as presented. Motion passed.
B. Treasurer’s Report – John D’Ascenzo: John summarized the distributed Treasurer’s report as follows: Current balance as of June 1 was approximately $5,900; $1,000 was spent on the graduation party, including meals, ongoing supplies, and awards for instructors. About 250 raffle tickets were sold, plus a donation of $50 was received. The bill for Security has not been paid, as the Security Guard could not be located at the end of the evening. It was agreed that, when received, a demand for adjustment probably will be made.
C. Project Committee Report – Clarence Cooper: Clarence was absent; no report.
D. Communications Committee – Wade Warling: Wade was absent; no report E. Education Committee – Virginia Galarza: Virginia was absent; no report.

IV. Previous Business
A. Field Trip to NMSU – Bill said that Dr. Iglesias at NMSU recommends having our field trip in August or early September. Bill will finalize the date with Dr. Iglesia. It was agreed to extend the invitation to Master Gardeners.
B. 2010 State Conference – October 22-24 at the T Bar M Ranch Conference Center in New Braunfels, TX. Cille said that an e-mail received from Michelle Haggerty stated that lodging at the T Bar Ranch was full, but local hotels are offering the same rate for those attending the State Conference.

V. New Business
A. Webinar: Bill reported that the statewide M/N webpage is switching to to WordPress. A Webinar will be held on the new system on 7/16. Bill asked that members interested in the web-cast contact Matt Santillan by 7/12/10 .
B. Museum of Archeology Maintenance Project Marilyn Guida, Education Curator at the M of A approached Ed Dominguez This task currently is being done by one senior volunteer. Ed said there are 15 acres of grounds, including a rock & cactus garden, Indian garden, a pond, etc. He suggested that different groups, not just M/Ns, could assume responsibility for specific areas, such as trail maintenance, installation & m aintenance of signs, watering, maintaining rock borders, etc. Another idea was to follow the structure of Friends of the Rio Bosque and schedule regular work days. Ed volunteered to “spread the word” about this need to other groups; Judy A. will send addresses to Ed. Henry Drake of the city’s RSVP program also was suggested as a source of volunteers. Ed stated the museum has been very supportive of us, and this could be an excellent reciprocal arrangement. Ms.Guida said groups could post signage if a specific project was sponsored by the respective organization.
C. Report on Graduation Ceremony, June 26, 2010 A good time was had by all of the approximately 50 persons attending the graduation gala! Special thanks to Virginia Galarza and her committee for transforming the Garden Center into a party place. Special thanks also to Ed Dominguez for donations of Southwest plants and cacti, to Jim Tolbert for Soliciting multiple donations, and to all others who brought door prizes – and Bought door prize tickets. As reported by the treasurer, the graduation party was financially solvent.

VI. Items from the Floor, Announcements, & Future Agenda Items
A. Plan El Paso – Judy Ackerman said the meeting held to discuss the future of the Asarco smokestack and surrounding grounds was very interesting, especially as the focus was on making this revitalization a green project.
B. Rio Bosque – Since the monsoon rains have begun, work at the Rio Bosque is overwhelming, including care for 107 new trees. This was the M/Ns 1st official project, so please rededicate your volunteer commitment. Contact John Sproul @ (cell) 915 861 4361 or (office) 915 747 8663.
C. RSVP Program – Bill Hoover will explore why the Texas Master Naturalists – Trans Pecos Chapter are not part of the RSVP program – and will report the findings at a later meeting.
D. M/N Dues of $15 for the 2010 year are due. Checks should be made out to TMN-TPC and mailed to John D’Ascenzo, 500 Lombardy , El Paso 79922.

VII . Next meeting: August 4, 2010 @ 6:00 p.m. in the State Building , 401 E. Franklin . Executive Committee will meet at @ 5:30 p.m.

VIII. Adjourn – As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned by at 7:01 by acclamation.

IX. Advanced Training – A one-hour Advanced Training was given by Marisol Lopez of the El Paso Public Art Program. Established in 2006, 2% of capital improvement funds must be used for public artwork on municipal property. Plans for a sculpture for the Rio Bosque are in process.

 Welcome to Trans-Pecos
The Texas Master Naturalist program develops local teams of “master volunteers” to provide educational and outreach services aimed at the better management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. The Texas Master Naturalist program is a partnership between the Texas Cooperative Extension Service, Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Our mission: is to develop a corps of well-informed volunteers who provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural area within our community .”


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Texas Master Naturalists not only get their feet wet and their hands dirty, but while doing so they spend time in a natural setting, learn about different plant and animal species, and maybe even find something new: One member, in fact, discovered a new plant species.

To become a Texas Master Naturalist, each volunteer:

  • Goes through an approved training program with at least 40 hours of combined field and classroom instruction, plus 8 hours of approved advanced training
  • Donates 40 hours of volunteer service back to the state and community. Trainees can complete their 40 hours of volunteer service and 8 hours of advanced training within a year after their initial training.
  • Completes another 8 hours of advanced training and donates 40 hours of volunteer service every year after the first one.

Interested in joining? If you can’t find a chapter near you, contact the Texas Master Naturalist coordinator, a local office of Texas Parks and Wildlife or a local county Extension agent.

Become A Master Naturalist

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Here’s some facts:

Since the organization’s founding in 1998, Texas Master Naturalists have contributed more than 1,003,409 hours of service on 90,000 acres of wildlife and native plant habitats, and reached more than 1.2 million Texas residents of all ages. These volunteer efforts are worth more than $20 million.

Currently 5,306 Texas Master Naturalist™ volunteers serve in 39 local chapters across the state, and new chapters are opening all the time.

The program has earned the Wildlife Management Institute’s Presidents’ 2000 Award, the National Audubon Society’s 2001 Habitat Hero’s Award, the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission’s 2001 Environmental Excellence Award, and Texas A&M University’s 2001 Vice Chancellor’s Award of Excellence in Partnership. In 2005 program earned the U.S. Department of Interior’s “Take Pride in America” award.