Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta

Greetings Friends,

If any of you have a passion for educating people about the Chihuahuan Desert I want to invite you to get involved with the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition. The group is expanding the size of it’s board of directors and is seeking candidates to serve in the coming year as members of the voting board and advisory board. Voting board members meet six times a year with three meetings in El Paso and three in Las Cruces. Advisory members do not need to attend meetings, but are always welcome to join in by providing their input.

Our signature project and annual event is the Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta at the Tom Mays Park section of Franklin Mountains State Park in cooperation with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

You can learn more about this 501 c 3 organization at or by giving me a call at 915-474-1456.

Our annual meeting is coming up on July 2. You could also come and have dinner with us so you can meet some of the other members. For more details visit our website.

If you are interested please send me an email message telling us about your background or a copy of your resume curriculum vitae.
Rick LoBello

My mission is life is to help people understand how they are connected to the natural world and how their personal actions play an important role in keeping everything in balance. Rick LoBello

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