Chapter Information

Executive Board

President: Bill Hoover,

Vice President: Virginia Galarza, 915-621-2001, virginia

Secretary: Cille D’Ascenzo, 915-581-1333

Treasurer: John D’Ascenzo, 915-581-1333,


Communications: Wade Warling, 822-8199,

Education: Virginia Galarza

Projects: Debbie Gilbert, 915-842-0346,


Lois Balin Texas Parks & Wildlife, 915-774-9603,

Oscar Mestas Texas Forest Service, 915-834-5610,

Address and Telephone Number

Texas AgriLife Extension Service
9521 Socorro Rd Suite A2 Box #2
El Paso, TX. 79927

Our new phone number is (915) 860-2515

Our new FAX number is (915) 860-2536


Rio Bosque Wetlands Park

Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition (FMWC)

John Sproul 915-747-8663

Adopt a Highway

Adopt a River

Texas Wildscapes Program

Keystone Heritage Wetlands Park

Lois Balin 915-774-9603

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