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Habitat Restoration and Maintenance Workday!

Join us for our next Habitat Restoration and Maintenance (HRM) workday at the Jay Pritchard Trail on Saturday June 22, from 8am until It’s-Too-Hot (or 12PM, whichever comes first).

Invasive plant removal at Lick Creek Park – POSTPONED

Due to recent wet weather, this event has been postponed.

Invasive plant removal at Lick Creek Park

Help us remove invasive plants from Lick Creek Park!

AT: Texas Waters Webinar

Advance training opportunity with Texas Waters Webinar. “ABCs of Apple Snails and eDNA” Wednesday January 16, 6:30pm – 7:30pm CDT  About the speaker: Dr. Romi Burks, Professor of Biology at Southwestern University, researches a group of highly diverse freshwater mollusks called apple snails. Her research efforts focus on collaborative efforts with undergraduate students in the area of molecular ecology.  Apple snails earned their name because they can reach the size of an apple. In Texas, one species, Pomacea maculata (formerly P. insularum), occurs as a non-native, invasive species… Read More →