Use the online Volunteer Management System to report hours.

We now report hours online using VMS as required by TPWD.  As of January 1 our chapter no longer reports hours by email.


Login to VMS and select the volunteer project you worked on or
AT you attended to report your hours.

Login: http://txmn.org/tmn-hours-entry/  or  Volunteer Login

NOTE: you  may have to turn off Pop-up Blocking

You will find a link to the VMS Help Desk and a tip sheet explaining how to enter hours on the login page.

** Volunteer and AT Hours must be reported within 45 days of the date performed.


You can Shorten your Project List – Remove Projects from “My Placements”

  1. Login into VMS.
  2. On the dashboard page click “My Placements“.
  3. Our projects list opens. You have been approved for each project.
  4. To remove projects from your list that you do not participate in: click “Click here for details or to remove yourself“, a new page opens, then click the RED box and confirm.
  5. If you decide to participate in a project that you have removed, email volunteer@txmnbv.org to re-approve you. The project will then reappear in your list.



Approved Volunteer Projects List – coming soon

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