Become a Master Naturalist

Thank you for your interest! Our Volunteer Training Course began on March 17, 2020, and we are unable to accept new applications at this time! You can find out more about the Texas Master Naturalist program on the “About Us” page of this site and feel free to browse through our newsletter “The Tracker”; all issues are available on this site under “Newsletter”.  Due to the current situation,  we have temporarily suspended our physical meetings until given the “all clear” from governmental agencies and the medical community. 

The 2020 training course will be an “interesting” schedule with the rapidly changing situation in which we find ourselves.    It is our intention to stay in contact with our class members and keep them as engaged as possible under the circumstances.   Those topics in the class schedule that so lend themselves will be scheduled as a webinar; those topics that cannot be scheduled using that technology will be deferred until we are able to once again meet as a group.  In the meantime: mentors/mentees stay in touch and make use of the links to video recordings of the webinars that will be posted below.

Video March 17: Session 1

VMS Overview March 24

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