Testing the water quality in Nolan CreekAdvanced Training (AT)

Per calendar year, members are required to complete at least 8 hours of advanced training as part of the certification requirement.  This can easily be attained by going to CTMN bimonthly meetings in February, April, June, August, and October are advanced training opportunities for Master Naturalists. Speakers are generally from the local community and provide information relevant to our ecological region. You can also attain advanced training hours by going to workshops, trainings, or  talks given by our sponsors and partnering organizations.

:NolanVolunteer Service Projects (V)

Per calendar year, members are required to complete at at least 40 hours of volunteer service hours as part of the certification requirement. Community service projects and educational outreach activities that improve and preserve our environment are the reasons our chapter exists.  Projects must be approved by the Chapter Projects Committee; members can obtain a copy of the approval request form through the Member Resources area of this web site.  The following list are just a few examples of the volunteer projects our members contribute their time:


  • CTMN monthly meetings in March, May, July, September, and November are are designed to provide time to conduct committee work, Chapter business, project proposals, as well as disseminate information regarding Chapter activities and news.
  • Central Texas Nature Fest 2015: will be hosted by the Central Texas Chapter in October, 2015 at Bend O’ The River located along the Leon River between Temple and Belton.
  • AnglerEdAngler Education: Volunteers (both certified and un-certified Angler Educators) set up “Docks” of learning stations that the participants (typically elementary school age children) cycle through such as, Casting, Fish Habitat, Knot Tying, Angling Ethics, Bait and Tackle, and Fishing Regulations and Safety.
  • :AKWells ParkAndy Wells Park Maintenance (Adopt a Park): Once a month, CTMN volunteers work to maintain the appearance of this Killeen City Park near Nolan Creek.
  • Nolan Creek Hike and Bike Trail Maintenance (Adopt a Park): Once a month, CTMN volunteers work to maintain and beautify this trail along Nolan Creek in downtown Belton.
  • Salado Sculpture Garden: Volunteers work in conjunction with other organizations to beautify, landscape, and maintain this sculpture garden near Mill Creek in Salado.
  • Bastrop State Park Seedling Planting: CTMN volunteers travel to Bastrop State Park to assist in the replanting of seedling to help restore the forests destroyed by the catastophic fire of 2011.
  • Stream Team Water Quality Monitoring: Certified Texas Stream Team volunteers collect water quality data on lakes, rivers, and streams using a test kit that measures physical and chemical parameters in the water.
  • RedbirdFlying Wild: Targeted for the middle-school audience,Flying WILD offers practical hands-on classroom and outdoor field investigation experiences connecting real-world experiences in bird biology, conservation and natural history.
  • Miller Springs Nature Center: CTMN volunteers, in conjunction with the Miller Springs Alliance, conducts a variety of nature programs for the public in this area adjacent to Belton Dam.
  • Mother Neff State Park: Build and maintain hiking trails; conduct nature walks and talks.
  • Member Mentorship Program: Certified Master Naturalists can be mentors new class members to assist the new class member in any area necessary to help them through the certification process.
  • Texas Invaders: Help identify and catalog Texas invasive species into a statewide database.


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