Garey Park

by Jim Hailey

After several work days at Garey Park we have completed roughing in the nature trail. Thanks to all who have helped in this effort. In addition, the area where we will construct the Wildlife Viewing Blind is ready for us to begin construction in September. This past work day, March 24, we had a phenomenal turn out. In all there were 13 volunteers and 3 men from the Georgetown Parks Department. The trail, which begins along the South San Gabriel River and returns along the bluff, is about 1.5 miles long. The lower section is primarily grassland and will be great in the winter for sparrows. The upper trail weaves through a heavily wooded area. There are some large old cedar and many massive oaks shading the walk. This is going to be an active trail in migration. To date, we have raised about $6500.00 of the $12,000.00 needed to build the blind, water feature, fencing and landscaping. I urges you to make a personal donation to the Garey Park Project by going to Donate for the Garey Park Wildlife Blind and then you can use our Paypal account. Your donation is completely deductible and if your donation requires a letter Good Water will provide one. I am also happy to report that on Friday, March 30 I had the opportunity to share what we have done and our plans with Mr. Jack Garey. Mr. Garey was very impressed and wanted to let all who have participated in this project how much he appreciates their efforts. During our visit I explained about bird watching as a hobby and later that day Mr. Garey called me and asked me to help him get started birdwatching. So, on Monday, April 2 I am going to his home and spend some time with him. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the Georgetown Parks staff for their assistance—Eric Nuner, Jamie Berns, and the three me who worked so hard with us, Paul, Kenneth & Mike. They were awesome. And I have received high praise from Assistant Park Director Nuner about what we have accomplished and the plans we have for the Wildlife Viewing Blind.

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