Time to Register for the Fall Training Class

Registration is open for the Good Water Chapter’s Fall Training Class.

Texas Master Naturalists are people who still like to play in the dirt and are willing to get their feet wet and their hands dirty. To become a Master Naturalist, one takes a training class of over 40 hours of expert training about almost every aspect of the natural world – soils, backyard habitats, prairies, rangeland management, forest ecology, birds, mammals, fish, insects, botany, climate, geology and archaeology.

The class will meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-9:30  p.m. Some classes and field trips will be on Saturdays. The first class is September 5. The last class will be December 12. Cost is $150 and includes the comprehensive and brand new Texas Master Naturalist Program manual as well as a one year membership to the Good Water Chapter. For couples who plan to share the manual, there is a discount for the second student. Click here for online registration. Click to see the preliminary class schedule. The class calendar for the class will be finalized in August.

Former students comments on the Master Naturalist Training Class include:

“I was so impressed by our instructors, so well qualified, most were Doctoral level and experts in their field, involved in research and many authors of books and research articles as well” Betty Saenz

“We are like kids again (catching frogs, bringing home pockets full of acorns and seeds, getting muddy and tired playing in the out-of-doors). I call Master Naturalists like scouting on steroids. We loved getting to know our classmates, our trainers, and our committee members as we learned about volunteer activities and experienced the wild in a deeper way.” Amy Flinn

“Our fellow master naturalists are generous of spirit – always a source of information, advice, and encouragement.” Mike Finn

“Classes are taught by world renowned academics and subject matter experts. Our fellow students’ diverse vocational and educational backgrounds added to the learning experience.”
Bruce Polikoff

“I enjoyed the Master Naturalist training classes very much because of the level of the instructors, because of the range of the classes and because of the introduction of further training and volunteer opportunities that became available.”
Rana Sanders

“The Master Naturalist class was certainly an alarming eye opener in regard to being a good land steward! For me some memorable moments were being introduced to Aldo Leopold by Wayne Rhoden, the grave concern of water shortage in our near future from Gene Chisolm, and the final sermon from Dr. Barron Rector on the failures of society in regard to the land which brought back childhood church memories of feeling like the preacher was singling me out for my role in the catastrophe, my sins against the land.”
Mike Farley

“Good Water Chapter has an exceptional training course for those interested in our local wildlife and habitats. If one has a desire to learn about nature and lend a hand in its preservation, this is an excellent path to take. Knowledgeable guest lecturers and fun field trips add to a rewarding classroom experience. The spring class was the most enjoyable few months I’ve had since relocating to Texas.”
Cindy Graham

To complete the certification process, each volunteer completes 40 hours of service and an additional 8 hours of training. To maintain their certification each year, volunteers are encouraged to take their knowledge and volunteer for 40 hours and take 8 hours of additional training

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