First volunteer training session at AAMN’s Butterfly Learning Center located at Phil Hardberger Park. Training led by Drake White. Photos by Jeanette Geiman

The Alamo Area Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist (AAMN) is a San Antonio volunteer organization that provides training for volunteers who focus on the preservation, conservation and restoration of the local area’s indigenous plants, animals and geological features of the region. The AAMN promotes ecological education for all ages. Over a ten week period, volunteers are trained by local experts in many scientific subjects including ecology, geology, climatology, botany and zoology. In return for this training, volunteers agree to take 8 hours of advanced training each year and give 40 hours of volunteer service annually to support the chapter’s goals. Since 1998 the chapter has trained over 800 volunteers. In recent years the chapter has averaged over 20,000 volunteer service hours annually, assisting many local and regional organizations including the City of San Antonio Natural Areas, San Antonio Botanical Garden, the San Antonio River Authority, the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department, the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, Texas Parks & Wildlife and the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Our collective ultimate goal is to help preserve and conserve the outstanding natural features of our community.