Class & Program Speakers

One of the benefits of the Alamo Area Master Naturalist Course is the opportunity to be taught by the best. We are fortunate in San Antonio to have so many subject experts right here. Not only are these teachers some of the most knowledgeable in their fields, but they are also some of the most passionate. You will find them to be engaging, stimulating and thought-provoking. In working through the classes and subjects, you just may find a new area of science or nature that you want to study and master or maybe even a new vocation. You will definitely come out with a new appreciation of the world around us. Below is a list of the subjects to be covered during the course of the semester and a brief resume of the speakers you will meet.

Judit Green TMN Introduction & History
Sam Womble Agriculture and Natural Resources
John Herron Ecology Ecosystems Concepts & Management
Gregg Eckhardt Hydrology, Texas Water Resources
Jacob Eickstead Soils
Dr. Carter Keairns Geology
Craig Hensley iNaturalist / Getting Children Involved in Nature
Nyta Brown Mammals, Mammalogy, Bats
Patsy & Tom Inglet Birds, Ornithology
Robert Perez Reptiles & Amphibians, Herpetology
Patty Leslie-Pasztor Ethnobotany, Plants
Molly Keck Insects, Entomology
Paul Yura/Monte Oaks/Jon Zeitler Weather and Climate
Judit Green Wildscaping & Urban Systems
John Prentice Fish, Ichthyology
Cheryl Hamilton Plants, The Nature of Naming, Citizen Science
Liz Palfini Interpretation, Volunteers as Teachers
Mark Kroeze, Wendy Leonard and Lissa Martinez Urban Forestry, Forest Ecology and Management
Dr. Clark Wernecke Archaeology
Jessica Alderson Volunteer Conduct, Law & Ethics
Dr. Barron Rector Rangeland Ecology and Management, Land Stewardship

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