Current Board Members & Directors

Officers are elected each year at the Chapter’s last General Membership Meeting which is usually held in November.  The Immediate Past President presides over a Nominating Committee which seeks officers for the next calendar year.  Board Directors and Members are appointed positions and are approved by the elected Officers. All Officers elected in November begin a new term on January 1 of the following year.   Below is the current roster of Officers and Directors for the Alamo Area Chapter:


President Martha Cray
Vice President Aubrey George
Secretary Stan Drezek
Treasurer Nancy Thoss


Activities Information Pam Ball
Community Outreach Jessica Rupke
Education and Training Jeanette Geiman
Historian/Archivist Keeley Porter
Hospitality Camille Gong
Media & Technology Evelyn Penrod
Membership Nancy Thoss
State Representative Gary Poole
Program Director Joedy Yglesias
Immediate Past President Liz Robbins
New Class Representative Joe Gonzales

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