Current Board Members & Directors

Officers are elected each year at the Chapter’s last General Membership Meeting which is usually held in November.  The Immediate Past President presides over a Nominating Committee which seeks officers for the next calendar year.  Board Directors and Members are appointed positions and are approved by the elected Officers. All Officers elected in November begin a new term on January 1 of the following year.

Below is the current roster of Officers and Directors for the Alamo Area Chapter.


President Martha Cray
Vice President Joedy Yglesias
Secretary Wanda Huffins
Treasurer Jeanette Geiman


Activities Information Pam Ball
Community Outreach Chris Keen
Education and Training Jeanette Geiman
Historian/Archivist Keeley Porter
Hospitality Theresa Needels
Media & Technology Evelyn Penrod
Membership Nancy Thoss
State Representative Gary Poole
Program Director Joedy Yglesias
Immediate Past President Liz Robbins
New Class Representatives Vacant

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