Bird Water Feature at Phil Hardberger Park

water-featureThe Bird Water Feature at Phil Hardberger Park East (to the right of the Salado Outdoor Classroom building on the north side of the Blanco Road parking lot) provides a dependable year-round source of water for birds and other animals in the park. It is a rock structure with recycling water gently flowing across several levels.

A palisade-style viewing blind lets you observe the birds without disturbing them.  Birds need water every day and will fly to where they can find it. They are attracted to water, especially moving water, so a reliable source of flowing water should bring more species of birds to the park.

All of the water for this feature is collected from the roof of the adjacent Salado Outdoor Classroom and stored in a dedicated 3,900 gallon storage tank (see below). No additional water from the Edwards Aquifer is required.


Bird species seen using the water feature include, from left to right, Northern Mockingbird, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal and Black-and-white Warbler.

In 2015, four organizations worked together to make this feature a reality: San Antonio Audubon Society, Bexar Audubon Society, Alamo Area Master Naturalists, and San Antonio Parks and Recreation DepartmentAAMN members provided most of the labor for the project and provide continuing maintenance and financial support for it.

The blind, water tank, and AAMN members who helped build it are shown below.

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