Wildscape Demonstration Garden -The Heritage Continues

In 1997, AAMN Class #2 developed a Wildscape Demonstration Garden on the west bank of the San Antonio River just north of Cesar Chavez Blvd. The garden flourished and was lovingly cared for by our chapter until May of 2017 when the property was sold by the San Antonio River Authority. With funding from the sale of the property, the San Antonio River Authority is helping the AAMN Chapter re-establish another Wildscape Demonstration Garden to again attract and protect pollinators, songbirds, and other small vertebrates.

The New Wildscape Demonstration Garden will be located in Phil Hardberger Park – West, near the Urban Ecology Center and adjacent to the Savannah Restoration area. The new garden is scheduled to open in October 2018, and like the former River Garden location, this one is also free to the public. The Wildscape Demonstration Garden will be a “teaching garden” where we will showcase plantings that represent the beauty and capabilities of our native Texas landscape.

Check back as we update photographs of the new site while it comes to fruition.

Aerial View Welcome Signage Concept Design

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