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Salado Work Day Volunteers work in conjunction with other organizations to beautify, landscape, and maintain this sculpture garden near Mill Creek in Salado. Volunteers can also conduct tours of the Sculpture Garden Wildscape for groups visiting Salado in coordination with Salado Tourism and Keep Salado Beautiful. Tours will focus on the purpose of a wildscape, the four wildscape requirements, creating a backyard wildscape, and how this has been implemented at the sculpture garden. Lynna Pitts Ongoing
Angler Education Volunteers (both certified and un-certified Angler Educators) set up “Docks” of learning stations that the participants (typically elementary school age children) cycle through such as, Casting, Fish Habitat, Knot Tying, Angling Ethics, Bait and Tackle, and Fishing Regulations and Safety. Ongoing
St. Francis Episcopal Church Garden Refreshing the church grounds with mulching, Texas native plants, and the removal of invasive weeds. Vestry and Joann Millican Ongoing
Andy Wells Park Maintenance (Adopt A Park) Once a month, CTMN volunteers work to maintain the appearance of this Killeen City Park near Nolan Creek. Gail Hughling Ongoing
Nolan Creek Hike and Bike Trail (Adopt A Park) On the fifth Thursday of month (when applicable), CTMN volunteers work to maintain and beautify this trail along Nolan Creek in downtown Belton. Mary Ann Everett Ongoing
Bastrop State Park Seedling Planting CTMN volunteers travel to Bastrop State Park to assist in the replanting of seedling to help restore the forests destroyed by the catastophic fire of 2011. Complete
Mother Neff State Park CTMN volunteers assist Mother Neff State Park in various park projects. Bill Abright Ongoing
Stream Team Water Quality Monitoring Certified Texas Stream Team volunteers collect water quality data on lakes, rivers, and streams using a test kit that measures physical and chemical parameters in the water. Richard McCarthy Ongoing
Flying Wild Targeted for the middle-school audience,Flying WILD offers practical hands-on classroom and outdoor field investigation experiences connecting real-world experiences in bird biology, conservation and natural history. Liz Poole Ongoing
Miller Springs Nature Series CTMN volunteers, in conjunction with the Miller Springs Alliance, conducts a variety of nature programs for the public in this area adjacent to Belton Dam. Mary Ann Everett Ongoing
Member Mentorship Program Certified Master Naturalists can be mentors new class members to assist the new class member in any area necessary to help them through the certification process. Linda Fairlie Ongoing
Texas Invaders Help identify and catalog Texas invasive species into a statewide database. Ongoing
CoCoRAHS – Community Collaborative Rain Hail Snow Trained volunteers with special rain gauges monitor precipitation and report their findings daily through a website link along with others across the continent. This reporting provides valuable information to the NWS and NOAA regarding precipitation totals. Don Wyatt Ongoing
TPWD Texas Nature Trackers A citizen science monitoring effort designed to involve volunteers in gathering scientific data on species of concern in Texas.

This includes: Biological Inventory Team Project, Box Turtle Survey Project, Texas Amphibian Watch, Texas Black-tailed Prairie Dog Watch, Texas Horned Lizard Watch, Texas Hummingbird Roundup, Texas Mussel Watch, Texas Whooper Crane Watch
Rehanon Pampell Ongoing
Biological Inventory Team (BIT) A group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic “experts” that compile species lists, collect census data, and inform TPWD.

Teams include: invertebrates; plants and rare communities; herps (amphibians and reptiles); and birds
Rehanon Pampell Ongoing
Butterfly and Moth Counts A citizen science monitoring effort designed to gather data on local butterflies and moths.

We report findings to:, Texas Natural Diversity Database,, Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA), Moth Photographer Group, Encyclopedia of Life
Mary Ann Everett Ongoing
Encyclopedia of Life – A website trying to document all the world’s knowledge on all of the world’s species.

We report all species findings and submit photos from hosted events.
Rehanon Pampell Ongoing


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