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Serving on the Board
You can serve on the Board by being a Chapter Officer:
The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary are elected annually.   A member may serve in these posts for 2 consecutive years.

OR You can serve on the Board by serving as a Chairman of any of the following Committees: Programs, Volunteer Service, Advanced Training, Communications, Training, Membership. [You may also serve as a member of any of these committees.] Contact the Chapter President to volunteer for any of these positions (presently Jerry Trenta).

Chapter Display Board

CPCTMN Contact: Terri Hurley, VSP Director

Design and update content for chapter display board to be used at Outreach activities. 

Contributing to Our Website

Sponsor:  Your Coastal Prairie Chapter
CPCTMN Contacts:  Lynn Trenta, Communications Chair  or Terri Hurley, Webmaster or Kim Farou, Blogmaster
Status:  Active, daily.
Description:  Our website is designed to be a useful tool for the public to find out about our organization and for members to have up-to-date information about what’s happening within the chapter.
To keep the website current, we need members to supply articles in the form of project updates, educational articles, book reviews, essays/opinions, profiles and photographs.  Please send your articles and photos to  the CPCTMN Contacts listed above.
New Chapter Blog-lower left side–If you’ve worked on a project, write a little review and send it in (with a photo if you have one).  If you’ve read a great book, write a little review.  One of the best ways to learn about a topic is to write about it; you can do it.
# of Volunteers Needed:  All who wish to participate.
Supplies Needed:  Computer.
Maximum VSP Hours:  Time Spent.

 Chapter Fundraising Projects: At this time, there are no fundraising projects scheduled.  This section will be updated as the information changes.


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