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Recycling —  Fort Bend County Recycling/Environmental Center

Miscellaneous Projects —  Missouri City Forestry Projects

Fort Bend County Recyle/Environmental Center
Sponsor: Fort Bend County Recycle/Environmental Center
Sponsor Contact: 
CPC Contact: Gloria Scheel
Status: Active, Mondays and first Saturday of every month (These are the days that Bill Petty is usually at the Center. Volunteers may help any day of the week that the Center is open, however.    The Center is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.)
Time:   8am – 4pm (You don’t have to work full shift.)
Location:  Fort Bend County Recycling Center, 1200 Blume Road, Rosenberg, TX 77471
Description:  Help Center with sorting/packaging of acceptable materials brought to Center .
# of Volunteers Needed:  As many as want to participate.
Supplies Needed:   Lunch, drink(s), comfortable shoes, comfortable clothingthat you don’t mind getting dirty.
Difficulty Rating: 1 & 3 – could be standing on cement for long periods.
Maximum VSP hours: 8.00 for each workday.

Missouri City Forestry Projects
Sponsor:  City of Missouri City, Parks & Recreation Department
Sponsor Contact: Paul Wierzbicki, City Forester, 281-403-8500
CPC Contact:  Don Johnson
Status:  Active, but periodic.  (Mr. Wierzbicki will contact Don Johnson when he has project work for CPC to do.)
Time: To be determined when a new project is developed.
Location: To be determined when a new project is developed.
Description:   Assist the City Forester with activities related to preserving natural resources and creating nature-based recreation and education activities.
# of Volunteers Needed:   To be determined as needed.
Supplies Needed:   To be determined when new project us defined.
Difficulty Rating: To be determined
Maximum VSP hours: To be determined

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