How Do I Become a Master Naturalist?

Becoming a Master Naturalist

      1. Please complete this form, which will record your interest in our program.
      2. Our intern training cost is $150. Submit payment to:

Heartwood Chapter
PO BOX 9611
The Woodlands, TX 77387

                                 or use PayPal by clicking this button:

      1. You will receive an email from the Training Director with a link to create a profile in the Volunteer Management System (VMS).  This must be completed before you start the intern classes.

2020 Tentative Training Schedule

      1. Complete at least 40 hours of the intern training. There are more than 40 hours of intern training presented so that, in the case of illness or emergency, there is the opportunity to complete enough hours. During this training, the student is a Member-in-Training.
      1. Once the student has completed the 40 hours of training, they become a Pledge. Members-in-Training and Pledges have the opportunity to earn volunteer and advanced training hours.

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