Pay Membership Dues


Two things are required to be considered an active Texas Master Naturalist member:

1) Recording volunteer and advanced training hours and 2) paying dues.

The dues haven’t changed in the over 15 years that the Heartwood chapter has been active. Chapter dues are due in January.

Members-in-training are not required to pay dues in the year that they receive their initial training. The initial training fee covers the dues.

How much are the Heartwood Chapter dues?

$25.00 per year due in January

What are the 3 options for payment?

  1. Chapter Meeting – Bring your check or cash to the next Chapter Meeting and hand it directly to the Chapter Treasurer.
  2. Postal Mail – Send your check to Heartwood Chapter, TMN, P.O. Box 9611, The Woodlands, TX 77387-9611.
  3. PayPal – A trusted and secure web site transaction method. We never see your personal banking information. All you need is an email account. You can debit your bank account or use your credit card. Simply click this button:


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