Shaking the Trees 4th Edition 05/15/20

Bird birthing updates, Duane’s cool labyrinth, news from a New Mexico naturalist you may know and grass and forbs contest ready for viewing. Keep the info coming folks. You are making many people very happy by sharing your time in nature.
Terry Comingore – Proud Grandpa of Heron Chicks
Jim Dulian – Backyard Heron Nest
Greg Hayden – Greetings from New Mexico
Duane Mortenson – Lockdown in Backyard Oasis
Clyde Camp WildLife Blog
Jim Dulian’s – Grasses & Forb Quiz 
The response and number of hits to the site from our members has been remarkable, y’all. Keep the experiences and joys coming and remember that if you have some needs we can meet, give us a holler. What you have continued to accomplish during this unfamiliar part of our journeys is amazing!

Shaking the Trees


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