Propose a New Volunteer Project

This form is to create an entirely new project different from current approved projects.

  • Use the Calendar Form to place activities of an existing project on the chapter calendar.
  •  Use the AT Form to submit AT for review.

Please keep in mind that submittal does not guarantee project approval. The proposed project must meet state and chapter guidelines and policies. The proposed project may be considered a component of an existing project or proposed activities can be reported under an existing code.

The Director of Volunteer Projects will review the submission and if approved the project will be assigned a chapter identification code and a VMS extension reflecting the most common activity at project origin. If project scope expands over time, additional VMS extensions may be added at the discretion of the VMS projects and data managers.

Volunteer Service Requirements

New Volunteer Project Proposal

This form is to propose a brand new project at a new location that does not currently exist on the chapter volunteer project list. By submitting this form you are agreeing to start the project and be the contact (project coordinator) for the project. This form is not for an activity of an existing project or for Advanced Training. Use the Calendar Form to place an existing project's activities on the chapter calendar. Use the AT Form to submit new AT. If the proposed project is approved, the Director of Volunteer Service Projects will assign a chapter project ID and VMS extension and announce your new project.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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