Board of Directors


Board of Directors, Officers, and Teams


Lisa Flanagan

Craig Childs
Vice President

Katy Kappel

Cathy Binney


Paula Harley
Director of Advanced Training

Carla Stang
Director of Class Training

Catherine Gauldin
Director of Communications

Reggie Cox
Director of Membership

Tom Burke
Director of Volunteer Service Projects

Steve Ramirez
New Class Representative

Brenda Fest
Immediate Past President

Vern Crawford
State Representative


Information Team
Sandy Leyendecker, data manager
Lenore Langsdorf, newsletter editor
Kristie Denbow, digital media manager


VMS Team
Lisa Flanagan, chapter president, hours approval
Reggie Cox, director of membership, hours approval
Sandy Leyendecker, VMS data management, hours approval
Kristie Denbow, VMS project management
Brenda Fest, hours approval
Claire Mitchell, hours approval


Michelle Haggerty, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Roy Walston, Texas A&M AgriLife

See Operating Handbook page 2 for duties of the board.

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