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AT24-077 Webinar GEAA Water Wonks Lecture Series

April 24 @ 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Webinar Title: Water Wonks Lecture Series

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Comments: AT24-077 Webinar GEAA Water Wonks Lecture Series: Integrating Stormwater Ecosystem Services Into Local Governance, Presenter: Danielle Craig (AT=1h)

Webinar Date: 3/27/2024
Webinar Time: 3:30p-4:30p

Webinar repeats: 04/24, 05/22, 06/26, 07/24, 08/28, 09/25, 10/23, 11/27

Webinar Summary:
Water Wonks will feature a host of experts sharing innovative ideas and details about their work in the world of water. The series is a free community education opportunity.

Webinar Description:
2/28/2024: Use Of Comprehensive Models For Targeting Green Stormwater Infrastructure, Presenter: Sheeba M. Thomas Dominguez (San Antonio River Authority Senior Technical Engineer)

3/27/2024: Integrating Stormwater Ecosystem Services Into Local Governance, Presenter: Danielle Craig (Graduate Part-Time Instructor, Department of Landscape Architecture, Texas Tech University)

The rapid urbanization in the Corridor has significant implications for both quality and quantity of stormwater. Identification of key indicators for stormwater ecosystem services within plans and land development regulations can help to restore natural hydrology, decrease stormwater volumes during precipitation events to help prevent flooding, and increase stormwater quality.

Integrating Stormwater Ecosystem Services into Local Governance is an assessment of the various ways that cities can, and are, incorporating stormwater ecosystem services into urban planning and development, including drainage and flood control, erosion and sediment control, and stormwater pollution and prevention. The presence of specific planning and design strategies, such as low impact development, reduction of impervious surfaces, land interests and burdens, and conservation development are also evaluated.

4/24/2024: Comparative Analysis of Assured Water Supply Policies and Regulations Across the Western United States and Texas at the Municipal, County, and State Level, Presenter: Brenda Chapa (Earthshare Texas Green Leaders Fellow)

05/22/2024: Regional Flood Planning Process and Why Conserving Floodplains are important. Presenter:  David Skuodas

06/26/2024:  Transportation Growth & Planning i the Greater San Antonio Region.  Presenter: Isaac Gonzalez, Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Short Range & Transportation Planner II






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