AT22-398 Bird Walk & Talk

Flat Rock Park 3840 Riverside Dr, Kerrville

Join us for a birding adventure!


AT22-396 Hybrid Hill Country Chapter Meeting: UGRA and Stewardship in Kerr County, Kerrville

UGRA Lecture Hall 125 North Lehmann Drive, Kerrville, TX

We will give an overview of UGRA and our role in Kerr County as well as outline some of our programs and the strategies used to implement them. Some subjects include volunteer opportunities, aquatic life monitoring, and cost share opportunities. In addition, we will cover land stewardship and actions people can take, in upland areas and down to the river itself, to protect our waterways.

AT22-400 Hybrid Insect Appreciation Workshop


Join us for a day of educational presentations on the wonders of beetles, dragonflies, bees, and more! Attend in person or virtually!

$20 – $40