Board Meeting

Virtual board meetings until further notice Members are encouraged to attend board of directors meetings. Board meetings are usually held on fourth Mondays at 2:30p.m. in the Visitor Center education room at Riverside Nature Center in Kerrville.

Chapter meeting

AgriLife Meeting Room Kerrville

The monthly meeting of the Hill Country Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist program is free and open to the public. Details regarding the AT will be published separate from this notification. Members and guests have time to chat beginning at 6:15p.m., chapter awards are announced at 6:45, and the presentation begins at 7:00. Presenter:... Read More →

AT21-123 Webinar Nature Journal Workshop

Your Journal and favorite drawing materials. Taking notes while you watch and participate will help you remember the new techniques and incorporate them into your journaling.
Your sense of humor!

Event Series EduScape Garden Maintenance KR-08-C-NPA

EduScape Garden Maintenance KR-08-C-NPA

Guadalupe Basin Natural Resources Center (GBNRC) 125 N Lehmann Dr, Auditorium, Kerrville, Texas

Summer months: Wednesdays 8-10 am, meeting dates and times subject to change with season Wildscape garden maintenance and installation of plants. This project is critical for our organization. It is contracted with UGRA in exchange for Lecture Hall use for monthly meetings and classes. TMN Guidance for Outdoor Service:  • Be mindful of and follow... Read More →