Reptiles and Amphibians

Herps of Texas – Texas Memorial Museum species list of Texas reptiles and amphibians that includes range maps and links to other sources of information about reptiles and amphibians.

Horned Lizard Conservation Society – Austin-based organization dedicated to protecting horned lizards throughout North America. The site has useful information on the biology of horned lizards, and steps that you can take to help conserve them.

IMG_0013-1Endangered Houston Toad – US Fish and Wildlife Service website dedicated to information about the Houston toad (Bufo houstonensis) and issues relating to its survival. Additional Houston toad information and management guidelines are available from Texas Parks and Wildlife.  Houston toads are rarely seen except on warm, humid evenings during the early spring breeding season (January-April). You may be able to hear them in Bastrop State Park.

Frog Watch – Frogwatch USA is a long-term frog and toad monitoring program managed by the National Wildlife Federation in partnership with the United States Geological Survey. You can learn about your local frogs and toads, and help to conserve these amphibians.

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