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Not a certified Texas Master Naturalist yet?  Visit our Basic Training section to learn more about the training required to become a Texas Master Naturalist.

Already certified?  Then you’ll want to continue on your journey of learning.  Advanced Training provides you with this opportunity.  The purpose of advanced training is to provide you an opportunity to focus your interests on one, or a few, specific topics that interest you.

Don’t Lose Your Certification!

Remember that 8 hours of Advanced Training and 40 hours of volunteer service are required to be completed each year to maintain your certification.

PLEASE remember to log your activity in the VMS for all Advanced Training taken and volunteer service performed – NO report means NO credit!

Advanced Training Criteria

Advanced training is a benefit in itself, providing you with the tools to work in more advanced volunteer efforts. If you’re thinking of an advanced training opportunity that isn’t on the chapter’s pre-approved list, consider the following questions before submitting an Advanced Training Approval Form to the Advanced Training and Programs committee:

Does the Advanced Training opportunity:

  1. Promote continued learning and development of naturalist skills?
  2. Provide Master Naturalists with knowledge and skills to work in volunteer efforts?
  3. Direct trained volunteers toward specific programs in need of their services?
  4. Provide practical information and training for application in volunteer efforts?
  5. Take advantage of local partnerships?
  6. Provide Master Naturalists an opportunity to focus their interests in one or a few specific topics?
  7. Build on the core curriculum initially provided by the local chapter?
  8. Provide natural resource management issues and information applicable to Texas?

The Texas Master Naturalist statewide guidelines require that Advanced Training opportunities meet criteria: 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8, and they suggest that the remaining criteria also be a part of the opportunity.

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