Trees & Shrubs


The Texas Forest Service (TFS) grows tree and shrub seedlings well-suited for wildlife plantings, natural resource conservation projects, or large-scale landscaping projects.  To collect seeds for this effort, use the Master Seed Collection List to determine which seeds may be ready for “harvesting,” what to look for, and how to collect seeds, pods, fruit, cones, or nuts.  Complete the Seed Collection Form and transfer the seeds and form to one of the Project Coordinators listed on the form.  In addition, TFS will work with landowners to collect seeds on their property.

Texas Forest Service interactive Tree Identification Guide. Excellent site with great graphics and an interactive visual key. Also lots of information about growing trees, invasive species, and making a leaf collection.

Texas Native Trees – Based on Benny Simpson’s book “A Field Guide to Texas Trees,” this website has great photos and growth characteristics for hundreds of native Texas Trees.

The Texas Forest Service maintains the Texas Big Tree Registry. The goal of this program is to locate and recognize the largest known species of its kind that grows in the state of Texas, and to stimulate public interest in trees as a resource.

Tree Planting Guide for Bastrop, Caldwell, Lee and Fayette Counties, produced by the Pines and Prairies Land Trust, in cooperation with the Texas Forest Service. (Includes trees available at nurseries, not all native).

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