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Hiking the Trail Between the Lakes

  by Ron Bamberg   I recently completed a backpacking trip on The Trail Between the Lakes, a 28-mile track that connects Lakes Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend in deep east Texas. Toledo Bend straddles the Texas-Louisiana line and is formed on the Sabine River. Sam Rayburn, to the west, is formed by the Angelina River.   The trail lies entirely within the Sabine National Forest. A sign at the Sam Rayburn trailhead, where I ended the hike, identifies three distinct ecosystems through which the trail passes: Pine… Read More →

Hiking in North Texas

by Jerri Lipple When most naturalists think of nature preserves and conservation, they think about the native habitats and animals they are saving. Wild plants and animals, however, are not the only ones who benefit. Spending time in nature has very real, measurable effects on human physiology. Fifteen minutes is all it takes. According to a Japanese study conducted by Yoshifumi Miyazaki at Chiba University, physiological changes were seen after a walk in nature as short as fifteen minutes. In the study, eighty-four subjects walked through the woods… Read More →