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Wolves and Unintended Consequences

By Ernie Stokely In spite of protests from neighboring ranchers, the grey wolf was reintroduced into Yellowstone Park in 1995. Elk and deer over-population and starvation had become a problem in the Park. Naturalists thought the presence of their natural predator might solve the herd starvation problems and bring the Park ecosystem into a more natural balance. The cascade of events from the reintroduction of wolves into the Park has far exceeded even the wildest conjectures of Yellowstone ecologists. First noticed were the regrowth of willows around the… Read More →

Wildlife Rescue in DFW

┬áby Gwen A. Baumann Many a parent has lived the challenge of a road trip with a teenager. The promise of the Texas coast isn’t always enough to keep him strapped into the back of a Volkswagen bug when he’d rather be hanging out with his peers. It can be even trickier when the teen isn’t your own, though, or when the teen isn’t human. Just ask Kathy Milacek. Milacek, a charter member of North Texas Master Naturalists in Dallas, took that trip a few years back with… Read More →