This VMS help page contains links to all of the On-line versions of VMS-related presentations and material made available during rollout as well as an assortment of How-To documents that are being developed as common issues are identified.

You may also need to use the

The Old-system –> New System Cross Reference (pdf)
The complete Approved Opportunities List (pdf)

The VMS Login Page at vms.bptmn.org
The General member’s VMS FAQ or Help pages

Files below are for the use of the VMS Admin team. Members are welcome to read them but unless you have admin login priviledges they won’t be of use.


TMN VMS August 2015 Newsletter.pdf
VMS-Admin-01 – How to Enter a New Opportunity_rev5.pdf
VMS-Admin-02 – How to Manage the VMS Admin Accounts.pdf
VMS-Admin-03 – How to Manually Add NEW Historical Hours.pdf
VMS-Admin-04 – How to Run Agrilife Monthly Report.pdf
VMS-Admin-06 – How to Process a Deceased Member.pdf
VMS-Admin-07 – How To Remove Member from Chapter.pdf

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