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During our sixteen-year commitment to education, outreach, and service, we trained more than 480 Texas Master Naturalist volunteers who contributed 291,521 service hours to their communities. A contribution valued at $6,704,983.



Jim Stanley authored his third book Hill Country Ecology: Essays on Plants, Animals, Water and Land Management

Amanda 3rd place 2017 state meeting

Amanda Martin placed in the photography contest at the 2017 state meeting in Corpus Christi.



Completed first year using the online Volunteer Management System (VMS) to record volunteer and advanced training hours.

Our chapter trained 36 new Texas Master Naturalist volunteers who completed 1150 service hours and 393 hours of advanced training.

We have trained 487 volunteers since the chapter’s inception in 2002.

15 members completed 250 hours

15 members completed 500 hours

8 members completed 1000 hours

2 members completed 2500 hours

Steven Bishop and Tom Riordan each completed 4000 hours.

Paul Unger completed 5000 hours.

Kip Kiphart reached the 15,000-hour milestone.

203 chapter members reported 35,521 volunteer hours and 2922 hours advanced training.

Our volunteer service in 2016 was valued at $816,983.00.

Our New Class Brochure won 1st place Judges award and Peoples Choice Award at the state meeting



Our 2015 volunteer service is valued at $853,691.00

Our members have attended more than 26,000 hours of advanced training, and participated in outreach events during 2015377

Our chapter is a 501(c)(3) organization. We gladly accept donations through Amazon Payments or by mail.

Land Management Assistance Program (LMAP) teams have visited 417 properties covering more than 37,000 acres since LMAP began in 2005.

Milestone pins awarded in 2015. 20 members earned the 250-hour pin. 19 members earned the 500 hours pin. 6 members earned the 1000 hours pin. 3 members earned the 2500 hours pin. 2 members earned the 5000 hours pin. Our chapter members are awesome volunteers!

Ten chapter members have volunteered more than 5000 service hours each to earn the diamond dragonfly and the President’s Call to Service Award from the White House. Kip Kiphart 2007, Angelo Falzarano 2009, Priscilla Stanley 2009, Tom Collins 2009, Ron Hood 2010, Jim Stanley 2011, Kristie Denbow 2012, Cathy Downs 2013, Gracie Waggener 2015, and Glenn Randow 2015.

10,000 service hours – the emerald dragonfly – the highest Texas Master Naturalist honor. October 2012, Kip Kiphart. November 2014, Ron Hood.

Award-winning publications. Our monthly newsletter, The Texas Star, and our chapter brochure have each won first place at state competitions.

Chapter members have created more than 17 miles of interpretive trails in natural areas, nature centers, parks, and preserves.

Cathy Downs set a new record for our chapter and for the Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) by teaching 6246 students and 190 educators in 174 schools about “The Magic of Monarchs” during a live television broadcast for the TWA Distance Learning Program. Cathy repeated the program four-times in succession to reach all the enthusiastic students and educators.


Thinking about joining us? Explore our site for details, then email your questions to our Membership Director. We look forward to hearing from you!

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