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Bird Brains – A Book Review

 by Lisa Runyon This is not a book review of David Welky’s A Wretched and Precarious Situation: In search of the Last Arctic Frontier. I carried that beast to my hotel room every night on my spring break trip through south Texas’ World Birding Centers, fully intending to read and write a review for this newsletter. Instead, I lost my heart to an unexpected treasure I found in a gift shop in Harlingen’s Arroyo Colorado World Birding Center. The tall, stark white spine with the title Bird Brains… Read More →

Bobwhite Quail Restoration Project at Connemara

by Jodi Hodak It’s been years since bobwhite quail have been spotted or heard through their distinct “bob-white” call at Connemara Meadow in Allen, TX. But that’s all about to change thanks to a group of determined BPTMNs being led by Bob Mione, a BPTMN and Connemara’s Meadow Manager. In September, the Meadow Committee approved the concept of using bobwhite quail “call back” pens as the next step in attempting to restore bobwhite quail to the Connemara Meadow and Montgomery Farms. If all goes according to plan, BPTMNs… Read More →

Avians and Acorns

Ah, fall. What a lovely time of year! The leaves lose their chlorophyll (which means they turn pretty autumn colors), the air becomes brisk, and animals start storing foods in various places. You’re probably questioning my title for this snippet of juicy animal/plant facts. Why on Earth would anyone put these two things together? Well, the answer is quite simple. Okay wait, it’s actually not that simple. Prepare yourself for learning! During all times of the year, birds eat food. Pretty obvious, huh. Some birds, like the Eastern… Read More →