2009 Issues

December 2009 Midden Table of Contents:

I’ll Be Seeing You
December-January Activities
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings
Local Prairie Remnants: Restoration and Preservation
Report from Nobel 45: H2O Uncertain Resource
Planet’s Nitrogen Cycle Overturned by “Tiny Ammonia Eater of the Seas”
2009 State Master Naturalists Meeting HIghlights
Master Naturalists Rocked at CAST 2009!
Guppies from Julie

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October 2009 Midden Table of Contents:

Summer is Over
October-November Activities
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings
Sea Center and Shell Museum AT
Master Naturalists an Integral Part of 2009 Sea Turtle Patrols
Tools of the Trade AT
Seeds: Big Batch on the Bayou (TX coneflowers at ABNC)
Panic Over Bitter Panicum
Batteries, Batteries and More Batteries…..Help!!!
Guppies from Julie

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August 2009 Midden Table of Contents:

“Are You Rested Yet?”
August-September Activities
Prairie Ponderings – Liatris pycnostachya
Wetland Wanderings – Buffalo Bend Park restoration
Bay Day 2009
Lightning Bugs
Prairie Dawn – The Naming of an Endangered Species
Pimple Mounds
Gardening for Insects, or My Backyard as a Bug Farm and Bird Feedlot
Wild and Wonderful Camp Wild
News Tidbits – World Oceans Day, Sea Turtle Patrol on Galveston Island
CEC Houston Environmental News Update – Stop the Plastic
Trashing Texas Beaches Isn’t Cool!
More on Trash!

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June 2009 Midden Table of Contents:

“We’ll Relax in July!”
June-July Activities
Junior Master Naturalists
Prairie Ponderings – First State of the Prairie Conference
Wetland Wanderings – Spring toads in a pond
Dance of the Lepidoptera
GIS/GPS for Dummies II
River of Raptors 2009
Phytoplankton Monitoring Network – A Volunteer Opportunity
“Tenner” Test – Ridley’s Believe it or not: Sea Turtles of the Gulf of Mexico
Ten birds that everyone should know!
Impressions of the Prairie
Guppies from Julie

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April 2009 Midden Table of Contents:

“In Like a Lion”
April-May Activities
Prairie Ponderings – State of the Bay Symposium
Wetland Wanderings – Phase II Sheldon Lake SP
GIS/GPS for Dummies
Brazos Bend Camp Out 2009
February Chapter Meeting – “Global Warming – Is it Real?
Ridley’s Believe it or Not: Sea Turtles of the Gulf of Mexico
Coastal Birds Enjoy Eating Crabs Too
Recycling is All Around Us!
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Chinese tallow control)
Guppies from Julie

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February 2009 Midden Table of Contents:

The Year Ahead
January-March Activities
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings – water quality data from Mason Park
Season Greetings and all best Holiday Wishes from Galveston
TMNs go Batty
Teaming Up 2 Clean Up
Claviceps purpurea, a Moldy Oldie
Rubber Ducky
Working Committee Chairs
Guppies from Julie

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