What is a Master Naturalist?

Many communities and organizations rely on volunteers to implement environmental education programs; to operate parks, nature centers, and natural areas; to provide leadership in local natural resource conservation efforts; and to educate landowners on the ecology and management of their biological resources.
The Texas Master Naturalist program develops local teams of “master volunteers” to provide educational and outreach services aimed at the better management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. The Texas Master Naturalist program is a partnership between the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and other local partners. There are a number of Texas Master Naturalist Chapters – including the Galveston Bay Area Chapter.

Our mission

The mission of the Galveston Bay Area Chapter – Texas Master Naturalist is to:
– Preserve and restore our area’s natural resources
– Educate others about our local ecosystems

To help achieve this mission, our 208 trained volunteers work with community programs designed to:
– Increase the appreciation of our natural environment
– Promote the maintenance and sustainable use of public open spaces
– Protect and preserve native flora and fauna and their habitats

In 2016, we celebrate our 15th anniversary as a Texas Master Naturalist chapter.  In 2015, we delivered 41,243 volunteer hours that were valued by State of Texas at $965,086.  We participated in 288 outreach and educational programs, directly contacting 14,809 individuals. We also helped restore or enhance 41.4 acres of threatened ecosystems at Armand Bayou Nature Center, Sheldon Lakes State Park, Texas City Prairie Preserve , Galveston Island State Park, and other locations.

We are governed by a Board of Directors and are supported by a number of outstanding organizations and agencies.









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