Report Your Hours

Reporting Your Hours:

Report your volunteer service and advance training in the Volunteer Management System by clicking on the link below.  Remember to enter your hours weekly.  You have 45 days from the date of your service/training to enter your hours.

Report Your Hours

Requesting a New Opportunity:

The current list of opportunities for chapter Advanced Training and Volunteer Service may be found at this link:

GBAC Opportunities (as of 9/8/2019)

Current Opportunities with descriptions(as of 9/8/2019)


If you need an opportunity activated or a new one created, you may submit your request online at the link below.  List your name and contact e-mail, type of opportunity (AT or Service), and a description of the opportunity, then press the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

VMS Opportunity Request Form

Alternatively, you may contact one of the VMS team members by phone or e-mail. The team’s contact information is listed in the next section.

Your VMS Support Team:

As you gain experience in using the system, you may have questions. We encourage you to contact a member of the team for personal assistance.  Members of the team can be reached via email or phone using the information in this link:

VMS Support Team

Training and Reference Materials

In 2015 the VMS Implementation team created a basic training video that provides essential knowledge and skills you need to use VMS, including:

  • How to update your profile (required information, permanent password)
  • How to enter your volunteer service and advanced training hours

To access the video,  click here:  2015 VMS Training Video(youtube)

The introductory slides used in the training video may be viewed here:

2015 VMS Information/Help Slide Pack(PDF)

Other helpful information:

2019 VMS Training Presentation

How to authorize background check and update profile information (PDF)

How to update profile and background check permission – detail (PDF)

How to enter Master Naturalist Hours (PDF)

How to remove opportunities from your selection list (PDF)

Viewing Log Book (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We’ve assembled a number of frequently asked questions regarding the use of VMS.  Please check to see if your question has been asked and answered before.  Here’s the link:

Frequently Asked Questions

However, if you don’t find the answers here, please call a member of the VMS Support Team for additional assistance.  Thanks for your patience in using the system!

Volunteer Management System (VMS) Portal

For more detailed information on the Volunteer Management System, click on this link to reach the portal:

VMS Portal




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