Board of Directors

The chapter is served by a Board of Directors whose responsibility, defined in the by-laws, is to attend to the business and affairs of the Galveston Bay Area Chapter – Texas Master Naturalist.

All chapter members are welcome at Board meetings. You are welcome to browse the minutes of these meetings.

Executive Board

– President: George Kyame

– Vice-President: Tim Long

– Secretary: Patty Trimingham

– Treasurer: Lynn Wright

Directors (board-appointed)

– Volunteer Service: Jo Monday

– Training: Ellen Gerloff

– Membership: Jim Duron

Training Class representatives (two per class, one-year term)

– Robin Kendrick- Yates and Susette Mahaffey

Sponsor Representative

Julie Massey

Past President

– Maureen Nolan-Wilde

Committee Chairs (non-voting)

– Chapter Sales: Mel Measeles

– Education/Outreach: Sara Snell

– The Midden: Diane Humes

– Advanced Training: Ellen Gerloff

– Training Class:    Janet Mason

– Historian (Archives): Open

– Hospitality : Penny Bessire


Organizational Chart



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